How To Choose A Personalised Gift

In todays fast-paced, ecommerce-ruled world, it’s not hard to find a gift for your loved ones… The options seem endless! Whilst this is great as there is so much to pick from, these store-bought gifts tend to lack the personal touch that gifts are supposed to have that make them sentimental. Think of the best present you’ve ever received… was it a gift card for Westfield? Makeup or cosmetics from Mecca or David Jones? Or was it something more personal and meaningful that made you feel truly special? Personalising a gift is a great idea as it lets the receiver know that you’ve thought extensively, planned ahead, and wanted them to feel special.


Tips for Choosing Personalised Gifts 

A personalised gift doesn’t have to be a one-of-a-kind souvenir from a country you visited or an expensive luxury item that breaks the bank account. It can be something as simple as a personalised wallet, pouch or phone case. Here are some tips for choosing the best personalised gifts for your loved ones.


What's The Occasion?  

Which occasion are you buying the gift for? Is it for a birthday, your bridesmaids or a housewarming? Is it a Christmas gift or Mother’s Day present? Or is it to celebrate achieving a milestone? 

For instance, if your parents have just bought a new car or your best friend has just bought their first house, you can surprise them with a keyring with their initials monogrammed on it. Our keyrings are made of 100% genuine saffiano leather and can be personalised with monogrammed initials in three different colours: gold, silver, and rose gold (either in matte or metallic foil). You could get a pink one for your mother's keys and a matching blue one for your father's, or your friend's favourite colour to congratulate her on owning her first home. 


What's Your Relationship?

What kind of relationship do you have with the receiver? The type of present you give to your best friend will differ to what you give your co-worker. Let’s say you’re shopping for your best friend for Christmas or her birthday… you could give them a signature pouch for their cards, phone, Airpods, lip balm and makeup. You could also get one for yourself and have a matching set with your bestie… cute!

On the other hand, if you’re giving a present to a colleague who you’re not super close with, a personalised cosmetics case or jewellery box is a good option. These are items they will use on a daily basis and you don't have to worry about it not matching their sense of style.


What Do They Need Or Want?

It’s also important to consider what the receiver might need or want. Has your friend been talking about something in particular? For instance, if your friend or sister has been looking at straw bags or talking about going on a tropical holiday, that could be a good opportunity to show them how much you care by surprising them with a thoughtful handwoven straw bag from this collection.


What Is Their Style?

Everyone has a friend who can be a bit picky... This doesn’t mean that getting a gift for them is impossible, it just means you should be mindful of what you’re buying them. Does your friend only wear neutral tones? Is your sister into bright, colourful tones? Here at The Peony Press, we are happy to give you advice on what product (and recommended monogramming colours) to get your special someone.

If you can’t think of anything the receiver might want, opt for a phone case (just make sure you get it in the right size!). Here’s the thing about phone cases: you can never have too many. If the receiver likes the phone case you’ve given them, they might make it their permanent case, or they might decide to match it with certain outfits.


What is the Perfect Personalised Gift?

At the end of the day, a gift should have everything to do with the receiver and nothing to do with you. Even if your taste or preference differs, you should choose a gift for someone that they’ll love, cherish, and have a good use for. Jewellery boxes, cosmetic cases, bags, keyrings and wallets make wonderful gifts for women and you can amp up how special they are by personalizing them. After all, people rarely buy monogrammed key rings or wallets for themselves - it’s something you’re gifted and can be proud of when people ask about it. 

So, if a special occasion is coming up or you just want to spoil your loved ones for their amazing presence in your life, choose a personalised gift and make their day – Did we mention we offer complimentary gift wrapping for all our orders? Not only will it bring your loved ones joy in receiving such a special gift, it will bring yourself joy to be the reason for their happiness.